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Qualifications & Assessment Development

Being a local entity that follows international standards has given us a considerable edge. Our qualifications encompass both international standards as well as the local market needs, through meetings and consultations with employers and experts in the field. Our developed qualifications are benchmarked and accredited by City and Guilds through our exclusive partnership. Our learning outcomes include theoretical knowledge, practical skills and behavioral competencies that ensure our learners excel in the workplace and stand out in the best way.

Assessments are developed through our network of subject matter experts, who develop both theoretical and practical assessments. We build everything from the ground up to provide a truly tailor-made service to fit the needs of the Egyptian market, mapped in accordance with international standards. Our qualifications development process ensures developing the right world class qualification for the right people at the right time.

Content Development

Our goal is to standardize the content being used across all centers and schools to ensure the delivery of the high-quality control standards we strive for.

In addition to the development of the learning outcomes, QDB took on the role of developing the content. Content that merges both technical and behavioral outcomes into one experiential learning journey. Our experiential content is presented in an engaging and interactive way that includes technical as well as behavioral skills. In doing so, QDB guarantees the standardization of the content used across its accredited facilities and that learners go through the same learning journey. Consequently, learners will be assessed on the same level of knowledge, skills and competencies.


It gives us great pride to be the first accreditation body in Egypt. Accrediting your business provides you with formal recognition among your peers and throughout the country as a whole. QDB grants accreditation to vocational institutions following international quality requirements, while supporting their optimization process and overall structure and management system.

Through our accreditation process, we work on elevating training centers, vocational schools, and internal academies by accrediting their training programs, ensuring their readiness in terms of facilities, management practices & structure in place and trainers/teachers readiness. We conduct regular audits to ensure that quality standards are maintained throughout the program.

We do our part to make sure your accreditation is everything you hope it can be. Our quality management process ensures following the international quality standards across all pillars, by providing ongoing development for the staff, system and process. Whether you are a training center, school or an internal academy, you will be provided with a dedicated team to assist you, ensuring a smooth and smooth process.



Education and knowledge only count when they are passed on. We depend on teachers and trainers to educate students to bring about a second generation of educated and highly- skilled labor to become contributing members of society. Our Recent studies have shed light on the lack of qualified trainers and teachers in the vocational sector. This is why, QDB has made one of its strategic initiatives to launch an accredited teacher/trainer program, covering technical, pedagogical and behavioral skills and knowledge. This stands to create a better caliber of teachers/trainers and master teachers/trainers.

These calibers will have a great impact on their learners both in quantity and quality, thus ensuring scalability on the vocational sector as a whole. The macroeconomic implications of this initiative are endless, the impact on the economic future of the vocation sector in Egypt will make our services scalable which will lead to their optimization.


Our assessment management service exists to acknowledge the competencies acquired by the learners after taking part in any of our programs. The pre-assessment process includes a placement test as well as the interview process to assess the learner’s level and identify any technical or behavioral gaps that exist. After the training has concluded, a summative assessment takes place to determine the acquired theoretical knowledge, practical and behavioral skills. Lastly, the learner has to go through an apprenticeship phase, before being granted the certificate.

In addition, our assessment center helps any company looking to have their employees go through an assessment, to identify any technical or behavioral gaps that can be worked on and improved.

Beneficiaries Support

Our beneficiaries are at the core of everything we do. Our main aim is to provide them with the skills, knowledge and competencies required in order to excel in the workplace. By doing so, QDB provides its beneficiaries with an opportunity to enhance their livelihoods and to have access to a more stable income. Beneficiaries apply to QDB programs based on pre-requisites set for each program.

It is important for leaners to know that they do not need to have any previous experience in the field to take part of the program as QDB offers many ‘fundamentals programs.’ If they do have previous experience in the chosen field, they can take a placement exam and will be placed in the relevant

training level accordingly. The main requirements are the fulfilment of the above-mentioned pre- requisites, the commitment and desire to continue and grow in the chosen field.


Our training programs guarantee a level of quality. The workshops are fully equipped with tools, equipment & materials to ensure proper delivery of the learning outcomes. Additionally, trainers are interviewed, assessed technically and pedagogically by QDB to be eligible to teach the accredited programs. During the training, both the training center and the trainer provide learners with ongoing support to help them throughout the journey. The training center also conducts ongoing formative assessments.



The program concludes with a summative assessment, conducted by an external assessor in order to ensure a fair opportunity for all learners. The final step is the apprenticeship, which gives learners a unique opportunity to practice their skills and utilize their knowledge in the workplace in a real-life scenario. Once the learner completes all above-mentioned steps, they receive their internationally- recognized certificate. This will only serve as the first stepping stone in their career.

QDB offers occasional scholarships for learners who are unable to completely finance their training program. We also offer support in the form of tools or equipment that facilitate learners’ entry into the workplace.


Our collective know-how and experience over the years has given us valuable knowledge. It is with this knowledge that we are able to navigate successfully through the ever-changing demands of the Egyptian market. Our consultation service allows us to be a strategic and operational partner. On a strategic level, being the first in the market to offer integrated total solutions to the vocational sector, has enabled us to be experts in our field. We are also able to utilize our expertise on an advocacy level to serve the TVET ecosystem.


On the operational side, we offer consultations to educational and corporate institutions in a diverse number of industries and sectors. They cover research, market and labor analysis, learner profiling; upon which we develop qualifications, accredit vocational institutions and set up internal academies. Our consultation can also be used as a tool to help reach your desired developmental goals, ranging from women empowerment, governorate support to entrepreneurship, health and more through education and training.



This all funnels into fulfilling our part of delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) such as quality education (goal 4), gender equality (goal 5), decent work and economic growth (goal 8), industry innovation and infrastructure (goal 9) reduced inequalities (goal 10) partnerships for the goals (goal 17) and of course no poverty (goal 1).

Eng. Yasser Zaazou

CEO and Board Member at Acrow Misr

Eng. Yasser Zaazou is currently the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Acrow Misr Company. Acrow is a listed construction company that designs and manufacturers scaffolding and form work systems. It is operates in 13 countries and is the market leader in Egypt.


Previously, he served as the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of System One Company. System One is a privately owned Integrated Facility Management (IFM) Company and employs over 4500 employees.


Before that he served as the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Ahram Security Group (ASG). ASG is a privately owned manufacturer of Locks and keys and employs over 1300 employees. It has one of the largest industrial bases of this industry in the region.


Previously, he served as the Chief Human Resource Officer of Integrated Diagnostics Holding (IDH) and has held this position for 2 years. IDH is listed in London Stock Exchange and operates in Medical Diagnostics. It employees more than 3200 employees and is amongst the largest diagnostics companies in the region.


     In this role Eng. Yasser Zaazou was employed to support the company to achieve a successful IPO. His role involved: establish the HR and personnel functions and aligning the company to highest standards; completing the post integration merger of sectors since the holding had acquired the 2 largest Medical Labs in Egypt Al Borg and El Mokhtabar; assume the role of Program manager for the construction and startup of the Mega Medical Lab, which is the largest of its kind in the Middle East. All responsibilities were completed on time and the IPO was extremely successful.


Previously, he worked for 7 years as the Chief Human Resources Officer in Electrolux Egypt (Olympic Group). Electrolux is the largest manufacturer of House hold appliances in Egypt employing 7,000 people.


    In this role Eng. Yasser Zaazou was responsible for establishing the HR and personnel function; improve the company performance and productivity; co-ordinate the development and implementation of the Business plan with the Executive Board; Support the BOD direction of divesting the company. This objective was met and the Olympic Group Company acquisition by Electrolux International in 2011 right after the revolution was a great success story.


After the Acquisition, Eng. Yasser Zaazou was responsible for handling the organizational restructuring and the integration of Olympic Group with the Electrolux International. This task was completed successful.


Prior to this position he worked for 14 years at Procter Gamble in Germany and in Egypt. His professional experience is in the fields of electromechanical design, project management, plant management, work process development, post-merger integration and Human Resources.


Mr. Zaazou is also currently:

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Modern Agriculture Co. PICO
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Maharat Bank NGO.


Mr. Zaazou also served as:

  • Chairman and founding member of the NGO “Tamayoz” which specializes in developing young leaders.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Maadi Sporting and Yacht Club.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the company Quest for Human Development.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the company B Tech (largest House Hold retailer in Egypt)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the company Arzak (Restaurant chains).
  • Head of the Equestrian Committee and Equestrian team member in Maadi Club.


Mr. Zaazou graduated from Cairo University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Class of 1986.

DR. Mohamed Fahmy

Managing Partner at Sequence Ventures

Dr. Fahmy is establishing the most challenging investment firm in the innovation and transformation world, he is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Sequence Ventures which has two fund structures in Netherlands & Egypt that are investing in potential innovative startups in the most emerging technologies “AI, Blockchain & Quantum Computing”. Also, he is the co-founder and senior partner of Ironwood Investment which is introducing the state-of-the-art investment management in PE asset class.


Dr. Fahmy is the co-founder of the leading consulting firm in Egypt, he was the Managing Partner of the Corporate Strategy Practice at LOGIC Management Consulting Group and has over 25 years of experience in the field of Business Advisory & Management Consulting.


Dr. Fahmy is also the co-founder and Vice Chairman of Tatweer Learning Technology, the first E- Learning company in the region which has been established 2010 with the purpose to cultivate a new generation of young professionals through the establishment of modern and innovative e-learning solutions.


Dr. Fahmy has 30 years of experience in the fields of management, strategy formulation, strategic planning, sales & marketing, business development, and advertising. Throughout his experience, he advised and consulted CEO’s and Founders of small, medium and large local and regional organizations on relevant aspects, helping their business overcome management related challenges through innovative and value- adding solutions. His consulting experience covers multiple industries and sectors, such as, yet not limited to, public sector, industrial products, real estate, FMCG, electronics, advertising and media.


Dr. Fahmy’s successful experience in the local market and the MENA region spans across multiple disciplines. He adopts the latest management techniques and tools, and facilitates sessions and workshops, generating results and conceptualizing solutions. His role was vital in selecting growth and diversification strategies thus increasing market share, and ultimately increasing probabilities of improving the organization overall business results. Dr. Fahmy’s expertise qualifies him to understand the industry and market dynamics that drives his client’s business and identify the domestic and international areas of greatest opportunity for market entry, expansion, mergers, alliances and/or acquisitions strategy.


Dr.Fahmy has a strong ability to design and execute major business deals with a variety of corporations in private and public organizations in Egypt and in the region. Dr. Fahmy is currently a senior advisor in Egypt Ventures, the first governmental VC in Egypt and a co-founding member at Falak, largest accelerator in Egypt.


Dr. Fahmy leaded and acted as the managing partner in charge for four of the mega strategic projects in Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia including: Egypt Vision 2030 Strategy 2014-2015, City Image Development of Abu Dhabi state through Abu Dhabi Municipality and the Strategic Planning program of UAE Identity Authority – 2007-2009, also the Strategy Execution Plan of Saudi Civil Aviation in KSA – 2006.

Mohamed Abdelgayed Ibrahim El Araby

Chief Operation Officer at El Araby Group

Mr.El Araby is a Member of QDB’s board and is currently serving as the Head of Operations at El Araby Group. 

Mohamed El Arabytook on the responsibility of setting proper work systems and other administrative and organizational regulations to increase level of productivity in El Araby Group. Mr. Mohamed joined El Araby group in 1995 and the company’s business began to grow and expand, till it became one of the largest companies that specializes in Electronics in Egypt. In 2003 Mr. Mohamed established El Araby Co for Lightening Technology, the biggest lightening factory in the Middle East. With years of hard work and dedication, he became board Member of El Araby Group of companies and Key Note speaker for Family Governance System in FBN Organization, in USA in 2010, penetrating markets in the Middle East markets. In 2020 and 2021, Mr. Mohamed became a Member of Board of Trustees for two different institutions, Japan University of Sciences and Technology, and Qualifications Development Bank.

Mr. Mohamed is now the Family Council President, and the COO of Al Araby Group.

Mohamed Aly

Managing Director and CEO of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) – Egypt

Mohamed has over 35 years of international experience in the financial services and banking industry having held senior leadership roles at several banks in the MENA region. Prior to joining ADIB, Mohamed was the CEO at Mashreq Bank’s Egypt business. He has also held senior positions at Credit Agricole, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and American Express, bringing ADIB extensive experience from working across Corporate, Investment Banking, Retail and private banking, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Egyptian market. 

Mohamed Aly started his career in the banking sector in 1986. He is a school graduate of “Collège de la Sainte Famille“ in 1979 and earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree, Business Administration in 1983  from Cairo University in Egypt.

Khaled Hegazy

Chief Business Officer at Etisalat Misr

Khaled Hegazy was appointed in October 2021 to be the Chief Business Officer at Etisalat Misr, leading the departments responsible for Marketing, Presales, Sales, Delivery and Fulfilment for the Business sectors in Egypt. In this role, he provides leadership on the Business strategy that allows the company to fulfill its mission, builds shareholder value and provides managerial guidance to the company’s product and services portfolio offering. He is also appointed as the CEO of Nile Online and the CEO of Egynet.


Hegazy was formerly the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Etisalat Misr since November 2016 leading the departments of External Relations (Regulatory Affairs, Public Policy and Carrier Relations), International Operations and Wholesale, Government Affairs, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Legal Affairs and Corporate Communications (Public Affairs and Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Etisalat Foundation and Internal Communications).


Prior to joining Etisalat Misr, he was the External Affairs and Legal Director of Vodafone Egypt and before that he headed the External Relations Department for the Near East Region (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria Jordan, Iraq and Sudan) at Procter and Gamble.


Hegazy is very active in the Business community in Egypt. He is a board member of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications; the Executive Director of the Egyptian Emirati Business Council and a Board Member of the Canadian-Egyptian Business Council as well as the Egyptian Business Council for International Cooperation. He is also a member in numerous associations including the American Chamber of Commerce, the Egyptian Junior Businessmen Association and the Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Association.


Hegazy holds an MBA in Marketing and International Business in 1998, a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1993, both from the American University in Cairo (AUC). During his years at AUC, he was a Professor Assistant in Computer and Business Administration Courses and the Vice President of AIESEC. Also, he did many summer trainings at PARIBAS Bank and Lurgi AG in Germany, Meco Mining Ltd., and GEC Mechanical Handling in the UK.


Rania El Ghoneimy

CEO of Qualifications Development Bank

Rania’s 25 year career spans a multitude of disciplines. Her strong operational background represents a key foundation for her Strategy, Restructuring and General Management expertise.


She is currently leading the first Egyptian awarding Body serving the vocational education and training sector in Egypt and acquired the exclusive partnership of City&Guilds.


Prior to her current role, Rania led the implementation of several international and domestic Strategy and business transformation assignments during her occupation as a Partner in the Business Consulting BU of LOGIC Management Consulting heading the strategy practice and influencing the development of clients’ business and significantly added to its growth. 


Rania started her career in Schneider Electric Egypt, where she built her deep operations knowledge and expertise. Her last position before joining LOGIC was Project leader in Nestle Water, where she was responsible for the launch of Nestle Pure Life in the Egyptian market.

Mahmoud Khattab

Chairman of QDB & Chairman and CEO of B.Tech

Before being named CEO in 1997, Khattab was Marketing Manager at Engineering Products and Agencies Company EPACo (One of the Olympic Group companies and the exclusive agent for many brands) was responsible for all company’s marketing activities including planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy also Conducting market research and staying abreast of competitor positioning.


Prior to his work as Marketing Manager, Khattab was General Manager of Philips brand at EPACo and was responsible for Philips market share recovery at the Egyptian market after 20 years and by 1994 Philishave get 80% of Egyptian market, 29% of electric irons and Philips won the Best Outstanding Performance Award in 1994 in Singapore at the annual Distributors Conference.

For 3 years before that, Khattab was Wall and Floor General Manager which was a new business model for retail business at that time and within this period, he could open three showrooms and ranked as the third distributes among the Egyptian private sector.


Khattab was a Member of the Board of Directors for CIC, EJP , Cairo chamber of Commerce and Olympic Group, also as a member of Trade Modernization Committee.


Mahmoud earned a PhD degree from University of Washington and an MBA from City University-USA, and Bachelor of Business Administration from Cairo University.

Mirna Arif

General Manager – Microsoft Egypt

Set with a profound commitment to Egypt, Mirna Arif brings in 20 years of experience with multinational organizations and public sector entities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa into the position of Microsoft Egypt Country General Manager. Equipped with a strong belief in empathy-based management and in youth training, the first woman to assume this prestigious role is leading the nation’s technological movement towards digital transformation.


To assert Microsoft Egypt’s competitive edge in the country’s tech industry, Arif is expanding the company’s digital footprint across public and private organizations to accelerate their conversion towards a digital economy. Arif’s passion closely ties with Microsoft international drive to instill a “Growth Mindset” culture based on the core values of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It also links with Microsoft Egypt’s mission to empower every person and organization, of today and tomorrow, to optimize operations, increase customer engagement, transform business models and most importantly evolve the workforce towards a business growth paradigm founded on a culture of lifelong learning.


Prior to being appointed as Microsoft Egypt GM in 2020, Arif held the position of Surface Business Group Director in Microsoft Middle East and Africa, heading the strategy for the latest device series in the region. From 2017 to 2019, prior to Joining Microsoft, Arif held the title of Regional Director for Digital Transformation at GE Oil & Gas where she directed the digital transformation strategy in North Africa and Turkey. Prior to that, she was the regional Manager for Rosemount Group Middle East at Emerson Automation Solutions. In 2015, Arif was appointed Assistant Minister for Investment and International Cooperation at the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, advising on the development and implementation of the petroleum sector strategy. Preceding that, Arif spent the first 12 years of her career in Schlumberger, where she assumed various leadership roles, including Regional Sales Manager for UK & Ireland, Regional Sales Manager for the East African and East Mediterranean region, Egypt Manager for Schlumberger Information Solutions, and Global Marketing Manager, spearheading worldwide marketing strategies for the software and the marine acquisition segments.



Outside of Microsoft, Mirna sits on the Board of Directors of Banque Misr, the board of Directors of Egypt Chamber of Information Technology and the board of trustees of Qualifications Development Bank (QDB).


Arif holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the American University in Cairo Egypt, following her completion of a Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree in 2002 from the same university.

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